Smart n’ Up Black Male Youth Summit III (Liberty City Edition)

    March 15, 2018 @ 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm
    Charles Hadley Park - Samuel K. Johnson Youth Ctr.
    4920 NW 12th Avenue Miami
    FL 33127

    The “SMART’N UP” Black Male Summit focuses on the unique needs of young Black males in America and abroad. It is designed to provide tools to inner-city males to make better decisions in life. Since 2010, the summit has helped to transform the lives of hundreds of its participants in Houston as well as Miami.


    According to statistics, one in every three Black males will see prison in their lifetime if current incarceration trends do not change. If properly inspired, instructed and redirected young Black men and boys can escape this dreaded fate.


    The purpose of the Black Male Summit is to expose Black males to critical information presented in a way that INSPIRES them to make better choices in the future. We inspire them to see past mistakes as stepping stones that were once stumbling blocks. In all adversity, there is always opportunity. More importantly, we expose them to resources that give them the opportunity to take advantage of what they have learned onsite.

    Refreshments Will Be Served